What is swe-thai massage therapy and what are the benefits?

Swe-thai massage therapy is a unique style of massage that successfully and delightfully blends the relaxing strokes of the Swedish massage with the wonderful stretching techniques of traditional thai massage. This may be the ultimate combination therapy for relaxation.

Although the entire body is massaged, this treatment is superb for neck and back pain, which seems to be the primary areas of concern because that's where most people carry stress.  Once complete, you will probably feel as though it was one of the most thorough massages you have ever received.

What to expect

The swe-thai massage therapy session will usually require 80-minutes for the treatment itself. You will disrobe and lie face down on the table with linens to cover you. Oil or lotion will be used and plenty of time will be spent on your back and neck areas.

Your massage therapist will talk to you intermittently about pressure and your comfort level – be sure to let them know if the pressure or stretch is too much.

At times, your therapist will get up on the table and work over you, using their arms and legs to manipulate your muscles. This really adds to the level of power they can deliver to deeper depths and more accurate stretches.

After a swe-thai massage session and how often to have one

The swe-thai massage session will truly relieve stress and anxiety. You should feel really relaxed and like you have been thoroughly worked from head to toe. Your back and neck will probably feel free of tension you didn't even realize you had.

Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that were released. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages and other toxins that will rush through your bloodstream and back into your muscles.

Swe-thai massage is great for the body on several levels. Unless you receive therapy during the treatment that leaves you tender, you can go several times a week but should consult your massage therapist for their recommendations.

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